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Articles in the Online Waldorf Library come from many sources. Quite a number are from the archives of journals and publications published over the past 50+ years. When possible we have noted the specific source although this is not always possible.

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Education as an Art
, the first widely circulated journal about Waldorf education in the United States. It began in 1940 as the Bulletin of the Rudolf Steiner School Association. The purpose of the journal was to inform Americans about Rudolf Steiner's pedagogy. In 1969 the journal became known as Education as an Art: A Journal for the Waldorf Schools of North America.

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Creation of new Waldorf festivals based on local conditions

Download the article: Creation of new Waldorf festivals based on local conditions
by Vera Hoffmann, November 2016, research results of a master's thesis at the RSUC Oslo, Norway, March 2016
Published in Waldorf Resources

As a multiculturally interested Waldorf class teacher, it was my wish to contribute with a master's thesis at the RSUC Oslo to the interculturalism of the Waldorf movement. The latter is now firmly established on every continent, in various cultures and in more than three major world religions. The idea for an appropriate research focus was developed in consultation with the Pedagogical Section in Dornach. Possible transformations of typical Waldorf annual festivals, based on local conditions, would have to be investigated. For this purpose, I traveled to Peru to the small andine-indigenous Waldorf school Kusi Kawsay in Pisac, Peru in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and to the multicultural and multi religious Nairobi Waldorf School in Kenya. I examined the processes of establishment and development of new annual celebrations in each school, as well as their theoretical backgrounds.

Read more: Creation of new Waldorf festivals based on local conditions

Crisis in the Kindergarten - Why Children Need to Play in School

Download the article: Crisis in the Kindergarten - Why Children Need to Play in School

Published by the Alliance for Childhood

From the Preface

The argument of this report, that child-initiated play must be restored to kindergarten, will be dismissed and even ridiculed in some quarters. In spite of the fact that the vital importance of play in young children’s development has been shown in study after study, many people believe that play is a waste of time in school. School, they say, should be a place for learning. There’s plenty of time for play at home.

Skepticism about the value of play is compounded by the widespread assumption—promoted by hundreds of “smart baby" products—that the earlier children begin to master the basic elements of reading, such as phonics and letter recognition, the more likely they are to succeed in school. And so kindergarten education has become heavily focused on teaching literacy and other academic skills, and preschool is rapidly following suit.

Read more: Crisis in the Kindergarten - Why Children Need to Play in School

Cupid and Psyche, a play

Download the play: Cupid and Psyche

by Roberto Trostli

A play in three acts for the Fifth Grade. The author has made this play available to any class teacher who wishes to produce it.
Cupid and Psyche in word format is available upon request from the OWL Administrator ( via contact us page)

Keywords: plays, drama, 5th Grade, Roman history

Dateline Amherst, MA: Teaching in the Age of Coronavirus

Download the article:Dateline Amherst, MA: Teaching in the Age of Coronavirus

by Douglas Gerwin

From; Center and Periphery (Winter 2021), the online newsletter of the Center for Anthroposophy:

Perhaps even more widespread than the current Covid-19 outbreak is a pandemic of fear and anxiety reaching down from adults into the lives of young people and arresting their ability to learn. As a long-time high school teacher, Douglas Gerwin reflects on a root cause and possible remedy for today’s youth.

In teaching high school students, I encounter fewer cases of truculent teenagers who say, “I won’t!” and many more cases of trepid students who say, “I can’t.” We have entered a new age of heightened mental and emotional––to some extent even physical––paralysis.

Read more: Dateline Amherst, MA: Teaching in the Age of Coronavirus

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