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Articles in the Online Waldorf Library come from many sources. Quite a number are from the archives of journals and publications published over the past 50+ years. When possible we have noted the specific source although this is not always possible.

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Education as an Art
, the first widely circulated journal about Waldorf education in the United States. It began in 1940 as the Bulletin of the Rudolf Steiner School Association. The purpose of the journal was to inform Americans about Rudolf Steiner's pedagogy. In 1969 the journal became known as Education as an Art: A Journal for the Waldorf Schools of North America.

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Gardening Classes at the Waldorf School

Download the article: Gardening Classes at the Waldorf School

Compiled and written by Rudolf Krause
Translated by Gisela and Nicholas Franceschelli
Edited by Nancy Holland


  • Rudolf Steiner’s remarks about gardening
  • Personal comments by Steiner on gardening
  • E. A. Stockmeyer’s “Gardening” from R. Steiner’s Curriculum for the Waldorf Schools
  • Characterization of gardening classes
  • Prerequisites for establishing a school garden
  • Different circumstances for gardening classes at individual schools
  • The gardening teacher’s realm of life and his/her tasks
  • Elaboration of topics for gardening classes
  • Cooperation of gardening teachers

Gentling Your Child Into Sleep

Download the article: Gentling Your Child Into Sleep
By Diana M.Mei
Director, Parent-Child Program, San Francisco Waldorf School
A chapter from “A Year With the Rosies”

How can I get my baby to sleep? This is a common question and concern for new parents and this question does not stop at infancy; parents of children in the grade school and high school still struggle with this problem. One parent of a sleep disturbed 4th grader came to me with dark circles under her eyes, exhausted. She had not had a solid night’s sleep in 10 years! Not only was this wreaking havoc on her health, imagine what it was doing to the health of her 10 year old!

Many children fight sleep so forcefully that by the time they fall asleep they are so exhausted that they drop immediately into deep sleep, bypassing or severely truncating the important stage of REM sleep where retention of
learning from the day’s experience takes place. Our teachers are seeing these sleep deprived children unable to recall the previous day’s lesson. The once gentle process of tucking children into bed for the night has turned into a
battle for many parents. Recently, while reading “The Women in the Castle” by Jessica Shattuck, I came upon these lines: “...when the children had been elaborately and painfully put to bed (there was homework to help with, nightlights to leave on, snacks to bring upstairs), as if they were being prepared for a frightening and arduous journey rather than the luxury of sleep.” These lines capture the experience for many families. Twenty years ago, most
babies fell asleep quickly and easily. By 4 months, infants were generally sleeping 6 hour stretches and by 6 months a parent could expect their baby to be sleeping through the night. Times have changed. We need to return to the “luxury of sleep.”

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Geography in Fourth Grade

Download the article: Geography in Fourth Grade

By Franklin G. Kane
Published in Education as an Art Vol.26, # 1 – Winter 1967

One of the great challenges and joys of being a class teacher in a Waldorf School is the response and growth of the children in one's own class. Within the course of even one school year so much can be observed, if one is perceptive and open, that previous ideas and plans may have to be changed, adjusted, or modified to meet new conditions. Most important in the whole inter-relationship of children and teacher is the possibility that not only do the children learn from the teacher but the teacher may learn much from the children before him. During the Fourth Grade year there was this kind of sharing and growing between children and teacher with many highlights for all involved. One particular high point in the year occurred during the Main Lesson period in Geography.(1)

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Goethean Science Bibliography

Download the article: Goethean Science Bibliography

This web site offers a large number of papers and articles published in Great Britain. A project of the Science Group of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain.

Keyword: science, Goethe, botany, phenomenology

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