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Festivals of the Year

Title:      Festivals of the Year
Categories:      Festivals
BookID:      704
Authors:      Roger Druitt
ISBN-10(13):      978-1-85584-392-9
Publisher:      Rudolf Steiner Press/Sophia Books, UK
Publication date:      2014
Number of pages:      136
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover
A Workbook for Re-enlivening the Christian Festive Cycle

"I invite you to travel with me along the spiral of the yearly festivals, to share what I have discovered there in the 40 years I have been exploring this path. I hope you will find a fuller feeling for your own festivals and a latent creative talent for them within your domestic or working situation. I also hope your festivals become a real link between your own spirit and the spirit that weaves through the year." (from the Introduction)

The esoteric path of development described in this book is suitable for anyone, regardless of religious persuasion. It offers ways—through meditative and contemplative work—in which each of us can participate in the yearly festive and seasonal cycle.

Festivals of the Year takes as its premise that the Earth is a living being. In earlier ages, she existed through her inherent vitality, but now the Earth needs us to help nourish and sustain her. Basing his work on the research of Rudolf Steiner, the author indicates how we can participate in festivals through our inner, spiritual self. The human ‘I’ or ego can be enhanced by accessing forces from beyond Nature, which in turn can re-enliven the Earth. Engaging with festivals through meditative effort, we become creators ourselves, transcending the purely commemorative, and entering a living, creative dynamic. The practical exercises in this book enable an experience of this, allowing for a perception of the true power of Christianity.

Available from Steiner Books Rudolf Steiner Press, UK

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