Dynamic Heart and Circulation, The - eBook

Title:      Dynamic Heart and Circulation, The - eBook
Categories:      eBooks, High School, Health, Science, Research, General Waldorf Curriculum
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Authors:      Craig Holdrege
ISBN-10(13):      1888365390
Publisher:      Waldorf Publications
Publication date:      1-1-2002
Number of pages:      176
Language:      English
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Doctors, scientists, and teachers present a dynamic picture of the circulatory system that give perspective to the prevailing mechanistic ideas that dominate science and medicine today. People today are usually taught that the heart is only a pump. This book transcends this narrow view and restores life to our understanding of the heart and circulation.

Based on years of Goethean science research, the essays in this book provide a dynamic view of the heart and circulatory system, providing a wealth of factual material that a teacher can use for his or her blocks. This book will also be useful to anthroposophical and holistic health practitioners, as well as to scientists interested in a Goethean approach to human biology.

In print edition available from Waldorf Publications, Steiner Books

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