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Gardening with Young Children

Title:      Gardening with Young Children
Categories:      First
BookID:      379
Authors:      Beatrys Lockie
ISBN-10(13):      9781903458389
Publisher:      Hawthorn Press (UK)
Publication date:      2007
Number of pages:      128
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

Here is a lively, imaginative and practical guide to a child's experience of a year in the garden. Simple growing activities are interwoven with ideas for things to make with berries, seeds and leaves; easy recipes; and stories, songs and poems about the insects, birds and animals of the gardening world.

Basic gardening techniques for every stage of the growing cycle from seed sowing to harvest are clearly explained and well illustrated. For those with limited space there is an abundance of ideas for gardening on a small scale such as a balcony, windowsill, or even on a plate! An invaluable resource for any parent or teacher.

Beatrys Lockie spent many years working as a kindergarten teacher and also lectured widely on early years education. She has been a passionate gardener since childhood. She now tends an organic garden in the Scottish borders which she opens each year to the public for charity.

Available from Hawthorn Press (UK), Steiner Books, Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore, Waldorf Books

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