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Spring and Summer Nature Activities for Waldorf Kindergartens

Title:      Spring and Summer Nature Activities for Waldorf Kindergartens
Categories:      Kindergarten, PreSchool, Play, Health, Early Childhood, Nutrition, Festivals, Social Skills, Gardening, Crafts, Child Development, General Waldorf Curriculum
BookID:      977
Authors:      Brigitte Walden and Irmgard Kutsch
ISBN-10(13):      9781782505815
Publisher:      Floris (UK)
Publication date:      2019
Number of pages:      160
Language:      Not specified
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

Spring and Summer Nature Activities for Waldorf Kindergartens
is a wonderful resource for any Waldorf or Waldorf-inspired kindergarten. Encourage children to engage with the seasons as they build bird boxes, use plant dyes, make earthworm boxes, grow and cook fresh herbs, create Easter bowls and care for butterflies.

In addition to nature activities for children—both indoors and out—this book also includes valuable background reading and advice for teachers, such as how to create your own kindergarten garden.

All the activities in this book are fully tried and tested and based on practical experience from the Children's Nature and Garden Center in Germany.

Available from Steiner Books

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