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The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily

Title:      The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily
Categories:      Drama
BookID:      224
Authors:      Michael Bunon, Michael Burton
ISBN-10(13):      1869890078
Publisher:      Hawthorne Press
Publication date:      2000-11
Number of pages:      96
Language:      Not specified
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily is one of the most important stories of the Anthroposophic and Rosicrucian streams. It is a timeless, allegorical tale of initiation and had a profound impact on Rudolf Steiner and on the formulation of his teachings. He called the fairy tale a kind of “secret revelation,” an “apocalypse.” As the authors point out in The Time Is At Hand! Goethe’s fairy tale begins with a specific image: a river separating two lands that contrast to each other, as do the sensory world and the spiritual world. The story ends with a bridge, created through sacrifice, that spans the river between the two lands.

Indeed, Rudolf Steiner was so deeply impressed by Goethe’s fairy tale, that he used it as the model for his first mystery drama, The Portal of Initiation. It is said that, prior to its first performance, he told friends, “I know how long and deeply you have loved Goethe’s fairy tale, and today I am happy to tell you that you will see it performed on stage.”

This is a fairy tale for meditation—and for building bridges of the soul and spirit.

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Product Description
Inspired by Thomas Carlyle's translation of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's fairy tale, this play is about a group of people who live in a world turned upside down. They realize that the efforts of one alone can do little to create a new society. But by waking up to each other, they bring about profound and spiritual renewal. Marjorie Spock's "Art of Goethean Conversation" shows how true conversation has tranformative power.
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