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Myths of the World (P)

Title:      Myths of the World (P)
Categories:      Elementary School
BookID:      250
Authors:      Padraic Colum
ISBN-10(13):      0863153658
Publisher:      Floris Books
Publication date:      2002-08-01
Number of pages:      328
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

A treasure house of stories from ancient myth and legend, told by one of Ireland’s greatest storytellers.

“The interest of this book lies in its scope and in the engaging way in which the myths are recounted. Suitable for bedtime reading either to yourself or your children.” —Scientific and Medical Network

Here is a comprehensive collection of tales that have carried deeply human meaning throug the centuries. You will find all the legendary heroes and tragic characters of ancient times—Iris, Osiris, Gilgamesh, Hercules, Pandora, and many more.

Padraic Colum shows the close relationship between past cultures by including stories from ancient Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Rome, Ireland, Iceland, China, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, and Peru.

This classic collection will entertain and enlighten children of all ages.

Available from Steiner Books, Waldorf Books, Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore

Product Description
A treasure trove of stories from the ancient world, retold by one of Ireland's greatest storytellers. This classic collection of myths and legends includes stories from all the major ancient civilisations, and some lesser known ones: Egypt and Greece, and Babylon and Rome, alongside Ireland and Iceland, India and Finland, China and Japan, Mexico, Peru and Polynesia. The tales range from creation stories to heroic epics, and feature Isis, Gilgamesh, Hercules and Pandora, to name but a few. Padraic Colum's original language has been faithfully preserved, and his lyrical rhythm and melody represent the very best of traditional storytelling. Includes Padraic Colum's essay, 'The Significance of Mythology'.
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