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Educating Through Arts and Crafts

Title:      Educating Through Arts and Crafts
Categories:      High School, Middle School, Elementary School, About Anthroposophy, Handwork, Art Studies, General Waldorf Curriculum
BookID:      119
Authors:      Michael Martin
ISBN-10(13):      9781900169066
Publisher:      Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship (UK)
Publication date:      1-1-2012
Edition:      2nd
Number of pages:      216
Language:      Not specified
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

An Integrated Approach to Craft Work in Steiner Waldorf Schools

Written by experienced Waldorf craft teachers, this large, comprehensive book presents many ideas for craft activity classes, whilst analyzing their role in the student's self-discovery and creative development.

This book not only describes the full range of crafts taught in Steiner Waldorf schools, it also puts them into the context of the developing human being.

It is becoming more and more recognized that the skills acquired in working with wood, metal, textiles, ceramics, among other materials, enable the individual to develop a whole range of transferable skills which form a basis for lifelong learning, as well as cultivating insight into technology and a sound relationship to the earth.

A separate section describes the work of the Hiram Trust who helped to make the publication of this book possible.

300 black and white illustrations

Out of print . . . Available used through Amazon

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