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Child and Man

Child and Man, A Journal for Rudolf Steiner Education was published originally by teachers of the New School, London, and later by The Rudolf Steiner Educational Association at Michael Hall School in Forest Row, Sussex, Michael House in Ilkeston, and The Steiner Schools Fellowship. We are pleased to share almost all back issues of this publicaton from 1936 to 2005.


Child and Man

Issue 1936, Volume 1, No. 3
Children's Questions
First Lessons in Physiology
Childhood, Manhood and old Age
An Assembly at the Rudolf Steiner School

Issue 1936, Volume 1, No. 4
The Teaching of Natural Sience
The Human Limb System
Adress to the Children at the Opening of a New School Term

Issue 1936, Volume 1, No. 5
Geography of the Earth
Charcoal Drawing
The Imaginative Treatment of Geometry in Education
Allelulia for All Things

Issue 1936, Volume 1, No 6
The Little Child at Home and at School
History in the Eighth Grade Class
The Change of Teeth
William Cobbett on Early Education
Charm for a New House and Garden

Issue 1936 Volume 2: No 1
Literature in the Upper School
The Age of Puberty
Children in a Scientific World
Dr. Steiner in the Waldorf School

Issue 1936 Volume 2: No 2

Literature with the Upper School (Cont.)
Children in the Twelfth Year
The Early Teaching of Arithmetic
Mechanical Influences on Children Today 

Issue 1936 Volume 2: No.3
On Words and Names
Geometry of the Pentagram
The History of Art
Poem on the School's Birthday

Issue 1936 Volume 4&5
Epic, Dramatic and Lyric Poetry
Play of Lohengrin
First Lessons in Algebra

Issue 1936 Volume 2 No.6
Growth of Body and Growth of Mind
What we do in a Nursery Class
Nursery Class Conversations
A Playhour Afternoon
Children in the Garden
The Nursery Class as a Foundation for Life

Issue 1936 Volume 3 No. 1
Rhythm in the Life of Children and the Christmas Festivals Plays
Christimas, the Crown of the Year
The Seasons

Issue 1936 Volume 3 No. 2
The Death of Baldur and the Festival of Resurrection
How Does Artistic Work Prepare for Life?
The Child and the Alphabet

Issue 1947 Volume 1 No.1
Authority in Education - A.C. Harwood
The Story of Caspar Hauser - Margaret Bennell
A New Approach to Gymnastics - Olive Whicher
Gymnastics for Young Children - R. Wilkinson
Homer, the Begining of Greek History - R. Lissau
The Rudolf Steiner Schools Abroad - A.C. Harwood
Two Festival Songs

 Issue 1948 Volume 1 No. 2
The Appreciation of Poetry - A.C. Harwood
Philosophy - The End of Greek Hstory - R. Lissau
Preparing Children for the Knowledge of Their Native Land - R. Wilkinson
The Youngest Servant - B. Mansfield
Study of Man - A.C. Harwood

Issue 1948 Volume 1, No. 3
Study of Man - A.C. Harwood
Clay Modelling - E. Elwell
Eurythmy in a Rudolf Steiner School - Elizabeth Jacobs
The Teaching of Foreign Languages - R. Wilkinson
Some Thoughts of a Class Teacher - J. M. Rumell

Issue 1949 Volume 1, No. 4
Editorial - H.L. Hetherington
Study of Man - A.C. Harwood
German Lessons with the Younger Children - Bronja Huttner
Concerning the forces of Dentition and the Physiognomy of Thinking - Rudolf Grosse
Learning to Write - R. Wilkinson

Issue 1949 Volume 1, No. 5
Editorial - H.L. Hetherington
Study of Man - A.C. Harwood
Children's Talents, Selective Education and Social Community - Hildegart Gerbert
The Teaching of Writing - Eileen Hutchins
Creatively Onward - Rex Raab
Fairy Tales - M.B.A. Laffree

Issue 1949 Volume 1, No. 6
Editorial - H.L. Hetherington
The Training of the Will in Childhood - Margaret Bennell
Education in Hostel Life - Helen Fox
Discipline in a Rudolf Steiner School - Eileen Hutchins
Preparing Children for a Knowledge of Their Native Land - Theodora Veenhof
A German Fairy Tale Play for Children About Ten Years Old - Bronja Huttner

Issue 1949 Volume 1, No. 7
Editorial - H.L. Hetherington
Science Teaching in a Rudolf Steiner School: The Task and the Method - Ernst Lehrs
The Rudolf Steiner Education and Present Educational Thought - R. Lissau
The Education of the Will: A Sketch - L.F. Edmunds
On Learning How to Tell Stories - M.B.A. Laffree
A Midsummer Play for the Younger Children - Bronja Huttner

Issue 1949 Volume 1, No. 8
Editorial - H.L. Hetherington
On the Real Nature of Will in the Child - Caroline von Heydebrand
Buried Treasure - A.C. Harwood
Number Work and Arithmetic in the First Two Classes - A. Renwick Sheen
David and Goliath: A Play Written for Children in their Ninth Year - J. Darrell

Issue 1952 Volume 3, No. 1
Editorial - H.L. Hetherington
The Awakening of Thought in Children: An Extract from a Lecture by Rudolf Steiner
Thinking and Imagination in Childhood - A.C. Harwood
The Training of Thought and Imagination in the Classroom - F.R. Woolls
Midsummer - H.L. Hetherington
Rudolf Steiner Schools at Home and Abroad, No. 4 - Elmfield School - Eileen Hutchins
Questions and Answers: Should my child go to the cinema and watch television? - A.C. Harwood

Issue 1952 Volume 3, No. 2
Editorial - H.L. Hetherington
The Education of the Will - Pelham S. Moffat
The Direction of Activity in the Classroom - Eileen Hutchins
Michaelmas - H.L. Hetherington
Rudolf Steiner Schools at Home and Abroad, No. 5 - Michael Lodge School - Roy Wilkinson
Questions and Answers: Why is my six-year-old child backward in reading and writing at his Rusolf Steiner School?

Issue 1952 Volume 3, No. 3
Editorial - H.L. Hetherington
Feeling in the Growing Child - L.F. Edmunds
Art in the Classroom - D. Lunda
Christmas - H.L. Hetherington
Stability and Security in Modern Life - Roy Wilkinson
Rudolf Steiner Schools at Home and Abroad, No. 6 - Michael Hall - A.C. Harwood
Questions and Answers: Is the co-educational environment of a Rudolf Steiner School sufficiently masculine for boys of twelve and over?

Issue 1953 Volume 3, No. 4
Editorial - H.L. Hetherington
Rudolf Steiner's Educational Work in England - E.G. Wilson & H. Fox
The Origin of Rudolf Steiner's Art of Education - Dr. Hans Mandl
Easter - H. R. Hetherington

Issue 1953 Volume 3, No. 5
Editorial - "As A Man Thinketh In His Heart, So He Is" - H.L. Hetherington
How "General" is the General Certificate of Education? - Alan Howard
The Nine Year Old Child - A. E. McAllen
Practical Activities in Class Three - Roy Wilkinson
The Midsummer Festival of St John - J. Darrell
Questions ad Answers: Is it right to tell children fairy tales which are always untrue and often frightening?
Word for a Summer Song - H.L. Hetherington
The Conference of Educational Associations - L. F. Edmunds

Issue 1953 Volume 3, No. 6
Editorial - "The Child is Father of the Man" - H.L. Hetherington
Independent Schools and State Aid - Roy Wilkinson
The Twelve Year Old Child - Eileen Hutchins
The Teaching of Woodwork - G.L. Rose
The Michaelmas Festival - J. Darrell
Questions and Answers: When should my two children of nine and twelve go to bed, and what should I do in the way of stories and prayers?
Architectural Form as an Influence in Education - A.H. Roe
The Teacher Taught - Alan Howard
Mother and Child - Clarita Benkendoerfer

Issue 1953 Volume 3, No. 7
Editorial - "New Lamps for Old" - H.L. Hetherington
Man Between Heredity and Freedom - Notes of a LEcture by Dr. H. Poppelbaum
Science at the Age of Fourteen - K.M. Jones
Books as Rich Gifts - G.H. Sargeant
The Wise Men's Well - A Play - Dr. P.S. Moffat
Question and Answers: Continued from previous issue
Eurythmy - Roy Wilkinson
Mother and Child (Continued from previous issue) - Clarita Benkendoerfer

Issue 1954 Volume 3, No. 8
Editorial - "Alma Mater" - H.L. Hetherington
Utopias - H.L. Hetherington
Eighteen - The School Leaving Age - L.F. Edmunds
History in the Twelfth Class - Dr. R. Lissau
Mapping Out a Geography Period - Alan Howard
37th Annual Conference of Educational Associations
Questions and Answers: What part does punishment play in a Rudolf Steiner School?
Mother and Child (Conclusion) - Clarita Benkendoerfer
Book Reviews

Issue 1954 Volume 4, No. 1
Editorial - "The Editor Does Not Regret" - H.L. Hetherington
Has Europe No More To Say? - H.L. Hetherington
The Norse Myths - Benedict Wood
The Gymnastics Lesson - Knut Clunies-Ross
Question and Answers: Why do the boys of a Rudollf Steiner School not call their male teachers "Sir"?
Springtime is Conference Time - Impressions of the RSEA Annual Conference
Geography and Social Responsibility
Letters to the Editor
An Alliteration from Norse Mythology - Roy Wilkinson
Book Reviews
On the Threshold of Life - M. Bennell
A Holiday with a Difference
The Cathedral - A.H. Roe

Issue 1954 Volume 4, No. 2
Editorial - "By Their Fruits Shall You Kow Them" - H.L. Hetherington
Science and Technology - Dr. H. Heitler
The Teaching of Mathematics - Hans Gebert
History in Class Five - Roy Wilkinson
A Painting Lesson - J. G. Smith
Letters to the Editor
Speaking of Education
Exhibition of Children's Work - Roy Wilkinson
Draw Your Own Conclusions

Issue 1954 Volume 4, No. 3
Editorial - "Old Age and Youth" - H.L. Hetherington
The Teaching of Mathematics (Continued) - Hans Gebert
A Greek Poem in Class Five - Roy Wilkinson
The Music Lesson in the First Three Classes
Questions and Answers: What do you expect from the school doctor of a Rudolf Steiner School?
The First King: An Advent Story for Older Children - R. Lissau
Speaking of Education
Exchange with Heidenheim - J. Compton-Burnett
Weleda - S. Walters

Issue 1955 Volume 4, No. 4
Editorial - "Keeping One's Wits About One" - H.L.Hetherington
Goetheanism and the Scientific Method - Michael Wilson
History in the Seventh Class - J. Darrell
A Song of a Shirt - Alan Howard
The Four Rules of Arithmetic - Dr. Georg Unger
Qustions and Answers: What is the content of the religious lessons in a Rudolf Steiner School?
Speaking of Education
Teachers in Conference
Can These Bones Live (Grammar) - A.G.H.

Issue 1955 Volume 4, No. 5
Editorial - "No News is Good News" - H.L. Hetherington
A Matter of National Concern - R. Lissau
Teaching in a Rudolf Steiner School - L.F. Edmunds
Speaking of Education
The Recovery of the Word - H.L. Hetherington
From Sowing to Baking - A.H. Roe
Questions and Answers: How do the examination results in your schools compare with those in other schools?
"The Most Exciting Thing"
A Rigid Calendar - Special Correspondent

Issue 1955 Volume 4, No. 7
Editorial - "Ends and Means" - H.L. Hetherington
Apprenticeship - K.M. Jones
Language and Literature for the Adolescent - Eileen Hutchins
An Education for All Mankind - L. Edwards
Questions and Answers: How can I as a parent co-operate with a Rudolf Steiner School?
Life in a Hostel - A.J. Lewers
Letters to the Editor
21st Birthday Celebrations at Michael House - An Impression
Speaking of Education
Rudlof Steiner Methods and State Schools - Frank Newell
Boys Will Be 'Roaring Boys' - Alan Howard
The Senses of Man and Other Book Reviews - H.L. Hetherington

Issue 1956 Volume 4, No. 8
Editorial - "Intellectual Snobbery" - H.L. Hetherington
Education for a Renewed Faith in Man - H.L. Hetherington
The Teaching of Religion - L.F. Edmunds
Life in a Nursery Class - Helen St. John
The College of Teachers - J. Darrell
Questions and Answers: When and how should the young adolescent be introduced to the facts of sexual life?
Speaking of Education
The Feeding of Various Types of Children - Dr. Maria Glas
Gymnastics - John B. Wells
Novalis: and other books

Issue 1956 Volume 4, No. 9
Editorial - "Give and Take" - H.L. Hetherington
Rudolf Steiner Schools - a special article by the Editor
What Makes a Good Scientist - Dr. H. Heitler
Examinations Examined Part I - H.L. Hetherington
Notes and Comments - Special Correspondent
W'allah Negib! W'allah Negib! - Rex Raab
In a Nutshell
Read, Mark, Learn: and Inwardly, Readers, Digest!
"It is the Child Who is Real"

Issue 1956 Volume 5, No. 2
Editorial - "Unto Everyone Which Hath Shall Be Given" - H.L. Hetherington
For Renewal of Purpose: An Invocation - C.S.D.
Examinations Examined Part 2 - A.C. Harwood
The Little Windmill - C.R.L.
Science in the Middle School - Lawrence Edwards
Notes and Comments - Special Correspondent
In a Nutshell
Text books for the Teaching of German - R. Lissau
Letters to the Editor
The Redemption of Thinking - and other books

Issue 1956 Volume 5, No. 3
Editorial - "Built Upon A Rock" - H.L. Hetherington
Christmas Song - C.S.D.
The Third King - R. Lissau
Examinations Examined Part 3 - Hans Gebert
Science in the Upper School - Hans Gebert
Notes and Comments
In a Nutshell
The Adolescent's Approach to Literature Part 1 - H.L. Hetherington

Issue 1957 Volume 5, No. 4
Editorial - "Flight from Matter" - H.L. Hetherington
"Male and Female Created He Them" - C.S.D.
A Story for a Little Girl - C.R.L.
Impressions and Problems of an Arts Graduate Entering Industry - K.M. Jones
What Makes a Good Technician - H. Heitler
Wonder and Curiosity - John Gardener
The Adolescent's Approach to Literature Part 2 - H.L. Hetherington
Visual Aids - Joan Smith
In a Nutshell
Notes and Comments

Issue 1957 Volume 5, No. 5
Editorial - "We are the Hollow Men" - H.L. Hetherington
Important Announcement
What Have Parents Got to Do With It? - Alan Howard
A Note of Despair - R. Lissau
The Adolescent's Approach to Literature Part 3 - H.L. Hetherington
Speech Tracing in Germany - W. Glas
Notes and Comments
Letters to the Editor
Continental Journey - Roy Wilkinson
Some facts and ideas concerning an exchange of classes - Herr Lange

Issue 1957 Volume 6-7, Special Double Issue
Editorial - "Drawing Level" - H.L. Hetherington
The Dynamo and the Virgin - A.C. Harwood
Mathematics as a Discipline for Training Inner Perception - J. Van Wettum
Automation - A Second Industrial Revolution? Prof. B.C.J. Lievegoed
Play and School as the Necessary Preparation for Working in the World of Present-Day Technology - Fritz Koegel
Goethe, The Perceiver - Herber Hahn
A Contribution to the Question: Are Films Harmful to the Young? - Heinz Muller
Technology Faces Education with a Problem - A.C. Henry
Education in the Technical Age - Hans Rudolf Niederhauser
Education and Automation - Alan Howard

Issue 1958, Volume 5, No. 8
Editorial - "Ideas Are Important" - H.L. Hetherington
Swedish Waldorf School - Reprint from Times Educational Supplement
You Too Would Confess - Alan Howard
Conditioning and Human Freedom - H.L. Hetherington
A Background to Nature Study - Theo Gumbel
Christmas Term
Is Television Harmful to Your Health?
Film Strips
International Conference at the Hague - Roy Wilkinson

Issue 1958 Volume 5, No. 9
Editorial - "The Man that Hath No Music in Himself" - H.L. Hetherington
The Future of "Child and Man"
Easter Conference of the Rudolf Steiner Educational Association - R. Lissau
The Musical Element in the Teaching of English During the Class Teacher Period - E.M. Hutchins
Music in Teaching - Roland Everett
Sound and Silence in the Classroom - W. Glas

Issue 1958 Volume 5, No. 10
Editorial - "A Generation Has Passed" - H.L. Hetherington
The Rudolf Steiner Schools and Education in England - A.C. Harwood
Waldorf Education in America - L.F. Edmunds
New York's Steiner School - Times Educational Supplement
Letter from Germany - Rex Raab
The Free School Movement in Holland - M. Stibbe
An Introduction to Nursery Class Work - Norah Romer
Festival and Puppet Plays - Roy Wilkinson