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The Journal for Anthroposophy

The Journal for Anthroposophy was published twice a year starting in the Spring of 1965 by the Anthroposophical Society in America under the editorship of Henry Barnes and others. Many valuable articles, poems, and visual artwork appeared in the Journal over the next forty years. Not all issues have become available and the OWL will add to our current collection as these become available.


The Journal for Anthroposophy

Winter 1988, Number 48

Zarathustra and the "Neolithic Revolution" by Mary Settegast
Cave Paintings and the Mysteries of Prehistoric Art by Van James
Images of Earth in Modern Geology by Norman K. Grant
Yeats, the Rosicrucians and Rudolf Steiner, Part II by Andrew J Welburn
Embryonic Development and Individuality by Wolfgand Schad

Snow by Diane De Laet
And now it is Peter Morris
Infirmary by Diane De Laet
The year lies a white Peter Morris
new morning - Heart and Lungs of Light by Michael Miller
You have fire and Peter Morris

 Book Reviews
The Education of a Yankee, An American Memoir by Judson D. Hale
Reviewed by Neil Weinberg
The Golden Age of Chartres: The Teachings of a Mystery School and the Eternal Feminine by René Querido
Reviewed by Brian Gray
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