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Net Future: Technology and Human Responsibility

A publication of the Nature Institute

Net Future: Technology and Human Responsibility


NetFuture is an electronic newsletter with periodic postings. It is currently going through a bit of a transition - from its earlier focus on technologies to a preoccupation with the deeper issues rooted in our technology-centered, scientific vision of the world. Above all, it seeks a new, qualitative science.

In one sense, this quest could hardly be more radical: from Galileo's time onward, the dominant science has tried to ignore qualities in favor of quantities - in other words, to define qualitative science as non-science. But in fact the only science we can have is irreducibly qualitative, which is why all true scientists continually appeal to qualities - even if they prefer not to notice the fact. The task at hand is not so much to create something new as to become conscious of what goes on in science all the time - and learn to discipline it - thereby avoiding the crippling distortions that result from the effort to evade reality's fullness. Of course, this would already be to create something new.

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