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Pedagogical Section Journal/Rundbrief

This periodical serves to bring the work of the Pedagogical Section into closer contact with the international Waldorf school movement. It contains reports of the work and goals of the Pedagogical Section as well as observations made in visiting schools around the world. It is meant to be a place where the questions concerning the work in the Waldorf schools can be posed, and where research projects and their results can be shared, thus strengthening the growing consciousness for the international and cosmopolitan nature of the Waldorf school movement.

Although a list of the contents of all journals published since 1995 are listed, only issues 35 (2009) to 64 (2018) have live links.

The Rundbrief is available to Waldorf teachers and school faculties, without a subscription fee, upon request from the address below. One need not be a member of the Pedagogical Section to subscribe. Financial contributions are welcome and appreciated to cover the cost of the production and postage.

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Issues 35 to 69 are available via live links, please click the issue

Midsummer 2020, No. 69

ForewordDorothee Prange
World Teachers‘ Conference 2022 by Claus-Peter Röh,Switzerland
Leadership in a new Waldorf School by Christof Wiechert, The Netherlands
Neither an Enterprise – Nor Employment Contracts –Nor School Fees – The Waldorf School is different, (or so it should be ...) Reinald Eichholz, Germany
Education and Inclusive Social Development as Prerequisites for Resilience and Antifragility, by Sonja Zausch,Germany and Jan Göschel, USA
Training – Characteristics of Teacher Educators by Florian Osswald, a.o.,Switzerland

Easter 2020, No. 68

Foreword by Dorothee Prange
Future of Waldorf Education
Perspectives for the Future of Waldorf Schools by Gilad Goldshmidt,Israel
The Waldorf School in its Second CenturyChristof Wiechert, Netherlands17Contribution to the Development of IndependentChristian Boettger,Schools for a Society of Free IndividualsGermany21Pedagogical Musicality in the Immediacy of Teaching –How to Change Oneself in Teaching the Upper Middle Grades by Claus-Peter Röh
Eyewitness Reports from Chengdu by several authors
The Structure of the Morning Verses in Waldorf Schools by Dorothee vonWinterfeldt, Greece
Research Week of the Pedagogical Section by Jon McAlice, USA
Aspects of the International Engagement and Co-operation by Albrecht Hüttig, Bund der Freien Waldorfschulen (the Association of GermanyIndependent Waldorf Schools, Germany)


Michaelmas 2019, No. 67

Foreword by Dorothee Prange
Review Conference 'First Teachers Course' in Dornach by Colleen O'Connors
Whole Class Study by Christof Wiechert
Tasks of the Pedagogical Section at the Goetheanum by Claus-Peter Röh
Friends of Waldorf Education by Nana Göbel
Internatioal Association of Early Childhood by Philipp Reubke
Learning to be the Change - The International Forum in Berlin, September 2019 by Trevor Mepham
International Forum for Steiner/Waldorf Education on Education in the Digital World
   Worked out by the International Forum

Midsummer 2019, No. 66

Foreword by Dorothee Prange
A Birthday Present by Aban Bana
The Waldorf School and its People - Review of a Book by Christof Wiechert
The Meetings of the International Forum of the Waldorf Movement from a Personal Perspective by Robert Thomas
A Post card from Edinburgh by Trevor Mepham
"Let's work on our Weaknesses" by Robert Thomas
Discourse Concerning Health, Childhood Screens & Digital Devices -Navigating the Waves of Technology for a Healthy Childhood
   Worked out by the International Forum

Christmas, 2018, No. 65

Forward by Dorothee Prange
Focus on the Middle School - Imaginatove Capacity as a Response the the Challenges of the Present by Claus-Peter Rōh
The Four Teacher Generations as Exemplified in Foreign Language Teaching by Alain Denjean
The Attitude and Task of the Teacher Arlene Cairns
Farewell Spreech to Graduates by Beaulah Tertiens- Reeler
Aspects of Teacher Education by Florian Osswald

Midsummer, 2018, No. 64

Forward by Dorothee Prange
Every Region has its Mars and Capricorn by Liesbeth Bisterbosch
Report Prague by Jeppe Flummer
Conferences 2019
Dornach, April 14 – 9, 2019 by Philipp Reubke
   Bangkok, May 5 – 11, 2019 by Nana Goebel
   Dornach, July 6 – 14, 2019 by Florian Osswald
   Buenos Aires, July, 15 – 19, 2019 by Tamara Henke
   Stuttgart, September 7 – 10, 2019 by Tomás Zdraz
   Berlin, September 19, 2019 by Henning Kullak-Ublick
   Report South Africa by Trevor Mepham

Easter, 2018, No. 63

Foreword by Dorothee Prange
Finding a Common Language – Educating the Educator by Florian Osswald (on behalf of the
project team)
Focus on the Middle School – How do Methodological Approaches Arise from the Anthroposophical Understanding
of the Human Being? Part 1 by Claus-Peter Röh
Founding Impulses and the Future of the Waldorf School by Albrecht Schad
‘Rudolf Steiner' College Meetings with the Teachers of the Independent Stuttgart Waldorf School’ by Christof Wiechert
The International Forum: How to Support the Vitality in Waldorf Education by James Pewtherer
Julius Caesar – An Experience That Taught Us All by Jyotsna Patnaik
The Waldorf Expert Service (WES) by Ernst-Christian Demisch

Christmas, 2017, No. 62

Foreword by Dorothee Prange
Given the Night – Part IV by Florian Osswald
The Fourth Generation – 100 Years of Waldorf Education by Alain Denjean
Verse of the Week and Teachers’ Meditation by Christof Wiechert
Storytelling as a Challenge for the Future by Claus-Peter Röh
Train a Dog ... by Christof Wiechert
Meeting my Class 7 by Zhenfei Chu
Waldorf100 in North America by Beverly Amico

Midsummer 2017, No. 61

Foreword by Dorothee Prange
Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition in Education
   An Education Section Conference at the Goetheanum by Liz Atwell
The Future Moves Us by Florian Osswald
Impressions of and Reflections on the Meeting of the
   International Forum in Conegliano, Italy by Regula Nilo-Schulthness
Waldorf 100 - A Celebration of Waldorf Education by Henning Kullak-Ublick
New Inspiration for a New Century by Christoph Kuhl and Tomas Zdrazil

Easter 2017, No. 60

Foreword by Dorothee Prange
Given the Night -  Part 3 by Florian Osswald
Are you Enthusiastic about Rudolf Steiner's Educational Impulse by Florian Osswald
Research about Pedagogical Eurythmy by Jürgen Frank and Gisela Beck
Individuality in Our Time, Part 1 by Claus Peter Röh

Christmas 2016, No. 59

Foreword by Dorothee Prange
Artistic Feeling in the Art of Education - Part II by Michael Grimley
Given the Night - Part II by Florian Osswald
Report of the International Forum Meeting in Dornach by Sigurd Borghs
School of Spiritual Science Conference by Claus-Peter Röh
From Everyday Life in the Classroom
   A New Verse for the Upper School by Werner Govaerts
   Bees in the Gamot Cogon School by Max van der Made

Michaelmas 2016, No. 58

Foreword by Dorothee Prange
Structuring the Day and the Timetable by Christof Wiechert
Artistic Feeling in the Art of Education by Michael Grimley
Report of the International Forum Meeting in Arles by Philipp Reubke
Key Characteristics of Waldorf Education International Forum for Steiner Waldorf Education
Given the Night – Part I by Florian Osswald
Obituary Lothar Steinmann by Claus-Peter Röh

Midsummer 2016, No. 57

Foreword by Dorothee Prange
Resistance as the Origin of Pedagogical Initiative - 2016 World Conference by Claus-Peter Roh
Teaching in the Interplay between Power and Freedom by Stefan Sigler
The Value of Learning to Know - The Challenge to Education in the Digital Society: 10th World Teachers' Conference by Constanza Kaliks
Between Rigidity and Arbitrariness by Christof Wiechert
Upstream - A Journey Toward Authenticity by Michael BenShalom
Courage, Initiative and the New We by Florian Osswald

Christmas 2015, No.56

Foreword by Dorothee Prange
Courage for an Independent Spiritual Life or: How do we find the treasure? by Florian Osswald
Forces of Courage and Waldorf Education
Thoughts on the Subject of the Waldorf Teacher's Conference 2016 by Thomas Zdrazil
Impressions of the Meeting of the International Forum, USA by Nana Goebel
The Association of Waldorf School of North America by Melanie Reiser
Impressions of California by Regula Nilo
Impressions of Waldorf Schools in USA by Tracey Sayn, Wittgerstein Piraccini
American Impressions by Ellen Fjeld Køttker
Conference in Orange County by James Pewtherer

Michaelmas 2015, No. 55

Foreward by Dorothee Prange
World Teacher's Conference 2016 by Nana Goebel
Resistance as the condition for educational renewal by Claus-Peter Roh
Essential Characteristics of Waldorf/Steiner Education by International Forum for Steiner/Waldorf Education
How to deal with early enrollment? A New concept by Annette Neal. Matthias Riepe

Easter 2015, No. 54

Foreward by Dorothee Prange
In Memory of Stefan Leber
Preview 10th World Teachers' Conference 2016 by Florian Osswald
Anthroposophical Aspects of Memory Formation -
   Learning Support Teachers Conference by Claus-Peter Roh
Class Teacher Questions and Everyday School life by Christof Wiechert
First International Conference for Teachers of Mathematics by Oliver Conradt
Class Teacher in a Waldorf School by Christof Wiechert
Education in the Old and New Abrahamic Age by Thomas Zdrazil

Christmas 2014, No. 53

Introduction by Dorothee Prange
Report International Forum by Nana Goebel
10th World Teachers' Conference, 2016 by Claus-Peter Roh
Essential Characteristics of Waldorf/Steiner Early Childhood Education by IASWECE
Characteristics of a Waldorf/Steiner School by International Forum
Introduction to Articles aout Class Teachers' Work by International Forum
Class Teacher in a Waldorf School - an Appeal by International Forum
International Teacher Trainers' Conference and ENASTE Congress by Florian Osswald
Waldorf Resources: A Project of the International Forum for Steiner Waldorf Education by Florian Osswald
How our Internal College Meeting at Freie Waldorfschule in Mulheim on the Ruh have Evolved Over the Years by Christian Michaelis-Braun

Michaelmas 2014, No.52

Introduction by Dorothee Prange
Holistic Education - At the Crossing Point of Developmental Streams by Claus-Peter Roh
The Concept of the Waldorf Curriculum as Illustrated in Biology y Dr. Albrect Schad
Just Where are we Heading? by Valentin Wemer

Easter 2014, No. 51

Introduction by Dorothee Prange
Transitions in the Human Temporal Organism (Part Two)
The Situation of Class Teachers Tomas Zdrazil
An International Forum by Florian Osswald
Resurgence in China by Ben Cherry
Curricula in Kiswahili, Arab, French . . .by Alain Denjean
Waldorf Education and Teacher Training in an International Context by Peter Lutzker

March 2014, No. 50

Introduction Dorothee Prange
Towards the Deepening of Waldorf Education by Christof Wiechert
Waldorf Essentials by Martyn Rawson
Community as an Educational Task  by Martyn Rawson and Claus-Peter Röh
Media Education – Fundamentals of the Waldorf Educational Concept by Edwin Hübner
Introducing Dialogue in Early Foreign Language Teaching by Christoph Jaffke
Transitions as Developmental Dynamics between Dissolution and Re-Birth by Claus-Peter Röh

Michaelmas, 2013 No. 49

Towards the Deepening of Waldorf education in Asia - With Peach Blossoms and Childhood Magic by Nana Goebel
Turning Points: From Play to Work – From Experience to Memory by Claus-Peter Röh
Mother Tongue, Foreign Language, World Language:
Our relationship to Language in an Evolving World by Nicolai Petersen
How do we Reach the Students?
Rudolf Steiner's Insights into the Human Being as a Guide Through the Upper School by Gilberte Dietzel
The One who Understands the Meaning of Language by Dorothee von Winterfeldt
Teaching Grammar Based on the Knowledge of the Human Being by Ted Warren
Having Class Teachers for Eight Years by Tomás Zdrazil
A New Image for Waldorf Teachers by Christof Wiechert
In the Beginning is the Word by Astrid Anderson

Midsummer, 2013 No. 48

Cosmopolitan Goals and Ways of Achieving Them by Christof Wiechert
Creativity and Transformation in Language Learning and Teaching by Peter Lutzker
The Subtle Inheritance by Alan Maley
Creativity in Teaching Foreign Languages through Storytelling by Nora Hidalgo
The Foreign Element in the Language
Closing Lecture at the First International Foreign language Teachers' Conference by Florian Osswald
What are our aims in teaching foreign languages? by Siegmund Baldszun
Three Aspects of Language in Society by Dorothee von Winterfeld
The Role of Foreign Language Learning in Waldorf Education by Martyn Rawson, Peter Lutzker

Easter, 2013 #47

Inclusion and the Reality of Education by Florian Osswald
International Forum of Steiner/Waldorf Schools - Hague Circle by Nana Göbel
Foreign language and Understanding by Claus Peter-Röh
Impulse for the Future by Florian Osswald

Christmas, 2012 # 46

Foreign Language Teaching and the Art of Educating by Christof Wiechert
Challenges in Language Teaching by Elena Forrer
Aims in Teaching Foreign Languages by Alec Templeton
How can Anthroposophy Enrich our Work? by Alain Denjean and Andrew Wolpert
Which Impulses can be Fruitful for the Teaching of Foreign Languages? by Martyn Rawson and Ulrike Sievers
The Spoken Word as Co-educator of the Growing Human Being and as a Source of Strength for the Teacher by Helen Lubin
Accounts of Developments During the Class Teacher Period by Georg Weimer

Michaelmas, 2012 #45

Steps Toward Collaborative School Management by Florian Osswald
I and Body by Wolfgang Schad
On the "Seven Years Rhythm" by Albrecht Schad
Yes and No in Foreign Language by Louisa Oberholzer

Midsummer, 2012 #44

Report on the Pedagogical Section by Florian Osswald
Inner Mobility, Artistic Activity and the Importance of "Being in Touch" by Claus-Peter Röh
How we Do Not Perceive Thoughts by Roland Halfen
First World Foreign Language Teachers Conference 2013 by Peter Lutzker
How Do we Get the Competence in Methods of Learning a Foreign Language? by Alain Denjean
The Symphony of Life by Maximillian Moser

Christmas, 2011 # 43

Heinz Zimmerman, An Outline of His Life by Christof Wiechert
Meeting Festival by Florian Osswald
The Activity of the I by Claus Peter Röh
Hague Circle by Christof Wiechert
Teacher's Research Group by Georg Weimer
The Light of the Sun by Christof Wiechert
The Teacher's Language, the Teacher's Speaking by Reinhard Kowarik

Michaelmas 2011, #42

In Memory of Heinz Zimmermann by Jon McAlice and Florian Osswald
Motifs for the World Teacher's Conference by Christof Wiechert
Why Waldorf Education Works by M. Michael Zech
China Waldorf Forum by Ben Cherry
Hague Circle meets in Denmark by Dorit Winter
Motivating Instead of Directing by Jacinto Denjean

Easter, 2011 #41

Do You Love Your Teachers? by Dorothee Prange
How do we Perceive Thoughts? by Wolfgang M. Auer
When Children Learn to Read Later by Dieter Centmayer
The Journey of the Self Into Life by Claus Peter Röh
Freedom though Imitation? by Philipp Reubke
The Developing Relationship between the I and the Physical Body by Sigurd Borghs
On, No! Another Decision by Dorit Winter

Christmas 2010, #40

Snow in my Pockets by Clous-Peter Röh
Journey to the Goetheanum by Florian Osswald
Child Growth and Education by Tomas Zdrazil
I and Body by Iryna Kokoshynska
World Kindergarten Conference 2012 - Preparation by Brigitte Goldmann
Seven-foldness and Twelve-foldness in the Upper School by Birgit Kuhli-Stroe
Craftsmasnship Leads to Art by Uta Stolz

Michaelmas 2010, #39

The Educational Practice of the Waldorf Schools by Christof Wiechert
Thinking and sense of thinking by Detlef Hardorp
Living Learning by Uta Stolz
For Discussion by Ekkehart Wacker
World Kindergarten- and World Teachers’ Conference 2012 by Christof Wiechert

Easter, 2010 # 38

On the Question of the Three-fold Structure of the Main Lesson by Christof Wiecher
Early School Entry and Subsequent Reading Achievement by Sebastian Suggate
Creating a Healthy Community by Uta Stolz
World Kindergarten Conference and World Teachers Conference in 2012 by Susan Howard and Christof Wiechert

Christmas 2009, #37

Educating with Development in Mind by Christof Wiechert
Birthday Greetings by Hartwig Schiller
Principles of Waldorf Education by International Forum of Waldorf/Steiner Schools
Stage Play in Class 8 - A Pedagogical Task by Hildegard Oelerich
Block Study Programme for Class Teachers in Kassel by Dorothee von Winterfeldt
Peace Education and Developmental Aid by Beatrice Rustihauser Ramm

Michaelmas 2009, #36

An Education for our Time? by Christof Wiechert
Laws of Development by Johannes Denger
Midwives of the Self by Norman Skillen
Astronomy in Class 7 by Liesbeth Bisterbosch
The "Circle of Friends" at the "Windrather Talschule" by Barbel Blaeser
Report from the Hague Circle by Tomas Zdrazil

Easter, 2009 #35

Devotion and Self-assertion with the Developing Human Being by Christof Wiechert
Teacher Training at the Alanus Hochschule by Jost Schieren
The Pedagogical Section by Christof Wiechert
Schooling on a Farm by Hendrik von Carlowitz
Amidst Roses, Johann Sebastian Bach Scores and U.S. Food-Aid Wrappings by Barbara Schiller

Christmas 2008, #34

Waldorf Schools and Anthroposophy by Christof Wiechert
How to Get Interest for the New First Class by Sylvia Vogele
The International Meeting/Hague Circle by Chrsitof Wiechert
On Research into Resilience by Christof Wiechert
Class Plays by Thomas Parr
Class Teachers Block Study Course in Kassel/ A New Start by Dorothee von Winterfeldt
Symposium for Trainers by Michaela Glockler and Christof Wiechert

Midsummer 2008, #33

School of Spiritual Science by Dr. Heinz Zimmermann
The 100th Anniversary of The Education of the Child - Part II by Alain Denjean
Meeting of Initiative Circles of the Pedagogical Section by Neil Carter
World Teachers' Conference by James Pewtherer and John Davidson
Chengdu Waldorf School - Work After the Earthquake by Li Zhang
Symposium for Trainers by Christof Wiechert

Christmas 2007, Issue # 32

World Teacher's Conference 2008: Educating the Will - Awakening the Spirit in the Head by Christof Wiechert
Bringing Will into Thinking in Adolescence by Betty Staley
The Advantage and Disadvantage of Brain Research for Pedagogy by Prof. Dr. Christian Rittelmeyer
The 100th Anniversary of "The Education of the Child", Part 1 by Alain Denjean
School of Spiritual Science Today, Part 1 by Dr. Heinz Zimmermann

Midsummer 2007, #31

Educating the Will, Awakening the Head Spirit by Christof Wiechert
Man's Will is his Kingdom of Heaven by Hartwig Schiller
Report from the Hague Circle (II) by Christof Wiechert
Much too Early by David Elkind

Easter 2007, #30

Educating the Will - Awakening the Spiritual Powers of the Head by Christof Weichert
Wake up your Headspirit - on Eyelevel by Tobias Richter
Awaken the Spirit of the Head: Pyramids and Stars by James Pewtherer
Report fom the Hague Circle by Christof Weichert
Pedagogical Section in America by James Pewtherer
Boosting Intelligence among Poor is Child's Play by Jeremy Lovell
Two Requests from the Pedagogical Section by Christof Wiechert

Christmas, 2006 #29

Awakening the Head Spirit, Educating the Will by Christof Wiechert
Meeting for Upper School Questions by Martyn Rawson
About the School of Spiritual Science and the Sections by Christof Wiechert
A Project of Cross-Transitions by Sietske Asselbergs
It is Ideas That Create a School by Tobias Richter

Michaelmas 2006, #28

Foreword by Dorothee Prange
Learn to Behold the Karma, 3rd part by Ate Koopmans, Christof Wiechert
Art: Awakener of Consciousness, Humaniser of Society, 3rd part by Van James
Thoughts on the World Teacher's Conference 2008 by Christof Wiechert
The Work of the Pedagogical Section in Finland by Mikko Taskinen

Midsummer, 2006 #27

Foreward by Dorothee Prange
Learn to Behold the Karma, 2nd part by Ate Koopmans and Christof Wiechert
Art: Awakener of Consciousness, Humaniser of Society, 2nd part by VanJames
How is your Constitution? by Hans Wilhelm Colsman
Work with Deaf in Thailand by Hermann Wessels
The Rudolf Steiner School in Moscow by Elsbeth and Felix Stocklin
The Work of the Pedagogical Section in Holland and Switzerland by Pedagogical Section in Holland and Andres Studer

Easter, 2006 #26

Foreword by Dorothee Prange
Learning to See Karma by Ate Koopmans and Christof Wiechert
Rhythms as a Source of Regeneration by Dirk Cysarz
Art: Awakener of Consciousness, Humaniser of Society by Van James
The Initiative Circle of the Pedagogical Section in New Zealand by Ineke Mulder
1st Kolisko Conference in 2006/ Report from India by Christof Wiechert
Some Highlights of the First Brazillian Congress on Waldorf Education by Eleonore Pollklaesner
The Push for Early Childhood Literacy by Nancy Carlsson-Paige
New Column in the Journal by Tobias Richter

Christmas 2005, #25

Foreward by Dorothee Prange
Professional Competence in Teaching and the Seven Virtues of the Art of Education, Part III by Christof Wiechert
The Soul Hygiene of the Teacher by David Mitchell
The Shepherd's Play by Barbara Bedingfield
Christmas Plays in South Africa by Graham Scannell
Thoughts on the Christmas Plays by Michael Miller
About Christmas Plays by Dorothee Prange
Post-Pessimists by Eyal Bloch
Kolisko Conference in 2006 by Michaela Glöckler and Christof Wiechert
Euythmy in the Stream of Time by Angelika Storch
A Way of Working with the Study of the Human Being by Wolfgang Unger
Life of Justice by Karl-Dieter Bodack

Michaelmas, 2005 #24

Foreward by Christof Weichert
Professional Competence in Teaching and the Seven Virtues of the Art of Education. Part II - by Christof Weichert
Objectives of Metaphorical Education by Lothar Steinman
The Individual Forming of the Thoughtful Story by Claus-Peter Röh
Waldorf Education in the Hawaiian Islands by Bonnie Ozaki-James
Steiner Education in Norway by Aksel Hugo and David Brierley
A Short Report of the "Interec" by Rik ten Cate
Meeting Anthroposophy by Christof Weickert
Education Research Group ...Goes Online! by Hansjörg Hofrichter

Midsummer, 2005 # 23

Forward by Dorothee Pranger
Giving Wings to the Soul: On Mathematics Instruction in Rudolf Steiner and Waldorf Schools by Ernst Schuberth
From the Pictorial to the Abstract by Ulrike Luise Keller
An Approach to Embryology through Modelling by Christian Breme
Professional Competence in Teaching and the Seven Virtues of th Art of Education by Christof Wiechert
The Pedagogical Section in Sweden by Göran Nilo
Impressions from the Swedish Waldorf Teachers' Conference by Regula Nilo
Educational Exchange in the Teachers' Meetings: An Experience by Floris Bekkers

Easter, 2005 # 22

Forward by Dorothee Prange
Tests and trials by Christof Wiechert
Learning for life and for now by Lothar Steinman
Testing as a challenge of daily school life by Claus Peter Roh
Evaluation and examinations within Waldorf education by Martyn Rawson
Evaluating, judging, testing and learning by Robert Thomas
Waldorf Schools in India by Aban Bana
When are we adults? by Christof Wiechert

Advent, 2004 # 21

Forward by Christof Wiechert
Education at the Threshold by Christof Wiechert
The Work of the Pedagogical Section in Germany by Hartwig Schiller
The Art of Education and Pedagogical Science IV by Christof Iiechert and Bob Cramwinckel
Waldorf Pedagogy in Taiwan by Ya Chih Chan
Combined Classes by Urs Hauenstein

Summer 2004, Issue #20

Forward by Dorothee Prange
Taking Leave of the Theme by Christof Wiechert
Pegasus in Harness by Friedrich Schiller
Looking Back on the World Teachers' Conference by Elisabeth Köpke
The International Curriculum Research Group of the Pedagogical Section by Martyn Rawson
Imperssions of the World Teacher's' Conference by Sietske Asselbergs
Impressions of the World Teachers' Conference from New Zealand by Gaylene Denford-Wood
My impressions of the World Teachers' Conference by Szilard Türkössy
Faculty from School of the Suncoast Attends World Teachers' Conference by Barbara Bedingfield

Spring 2004, issue # 19

Forward by Christof Wiechert
The Twofold Image of Man and the Teachers Imaginative Activity by Christof Wiechert
VIIIth Ibero-American Teacher's Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina by Ursula Vallendor
Taking care of Pedagogical Space by Linda Thomas
Schubert's "Supplementary Class": more modern than we thought... by Reinoud Engelsman
The Art of Education and Pedagogical Science III by Christof Wiechert

Winter 2003

Forward by Dorothee Prange
The Significance of Imagination for Human Morality Education by Hartwig Schiller
Imagination in a Letter by Goethe by Christof Wiechert
Frits Julius - a pioneer of Waldorf Pedagogy by Dorothee Prange
On the great yearning in the souls of the young by Frits Julius
Project for Collegial Assistance by Dorothee Prange
EduCareDo by Erwin Berney
The Art of Education and Pedagogical Science II by Christof Weichert
Report on Pedagogical Section Work in South Africa by Michael Grimley and Briar Pastoll
Concerning this Journal by Dorothee Prange

Autumn 2003

Foreword by Dorothee Prange
Fantasy and Imagination as described by Rudolf Steiner in the 2nd lecture of "Study of Man/Foundations of Human Experience" - Part ll by Dr Ernst-Michael Kranich
Thoughts on the World Teachers' Conference, Easter 2004 On Imagination, Part ll by Christof Weichert
Recommended Literature for Preparing the coming World Teachers' Conference, Basic Works by Rudolf Steiner
The St. Michael Steiner School, Wandsworth, London, A Report by Amanda Bell
New recorders by Hansjörg Hofrichter
The Activity of the Pedagogocal Section in Denmark by Jeppe Flummer
The Stone and the Brick, Home Surroundings story, class by Amanda Bell
Connect International Student Conference at the Goetheanum 4th to 11th of April 2003, some simple impressions and reflections by Elizabeth Wirsching, Youth Section
The Art and Science of Education by Christof Wiechert

Number 13, Michaelmas 2002

Forward by Christof Weichert
Learning the Art of Education by Lothar Steinmann
The Activity of the Pedagogical Section in Norway by Ellen Fjeld-Köttker
Obituary Walter Liebendorfer by Dr. Ernst Michael Kranich
Suggestions for Waldorf Computer Tuition - by Uwe Buermann
About our Journal by Dorothee Prange

Number 11, Spring 2002

Foreword by Christof Wiechert
Words of Welcome by Dr. Heinz Zimmermann
Introduction by Christof Wiechert
Impulses of Education by Claus-Peter Röh
Education as Art - Art as Education by Tobias Richter
Spiritual School Governance by Robert Thomas
30 Years Friends of Rudolf Steiner's Art of Education by Christof Wiechert
What an Evening! by Dorothee Prange
Laudatio by Dr. Heinz Zimmermann
Official Speech by Nana Göbel
Impulses of Transformation by Dr. Heinz Zimmermann
Closing Presentation by Hartwig Schiller

Number 10, Summer 2001

From the Work of the Pedagogical Section by Christof Wiechert
Thoughts on the Evolution of the Brain by Michael Knöbel
World Humor Helps by Beatrice Rutishauser
Practice-based Research and Teachers' Meetings by Martyn Rawson
Harmony Between Form and Impulse in the Waldorf School by Christof Wiechert

Number 9, Fall 2000

From the Work of the Pedagogical Section by Heinz Zimmermann and Christof Wiechert
Threshold Behavior in Children - A Report on a Research Project within the Education Section in Great Britain by Diana Pauli and Fiona Murray
Thoughts on the Growing Human Being with Respect to our Search for an International Curriculum by Christof Wiechert
The Changing Nature of the World of Work and its Significance for School Education by Martyn Rawson
Excerpts from a Letter from Igor Ilitsch Schälike, Bishek
The Children of Nepal Newsletter Summer 2000 (Excerpts)
International Teachers' Conference Easter 2000, Reactions
International Eurythmy Teacher Conference Easter 2001

Number 8, Spring 2000

From the Work of the Pedagogical Section by Heinz Zimmermann, Christof Wiechert
World Teachers' Conference by Stefan Leber, Heinz Zimmermann
On the Question of Human Movement by Lothar Steinmann
From the Work of the International Curriculum Research Group by Christof Wiechert
New Book: The Educational Tasks and Contents of the Steiner Waldorf Curriculum by Martyn Rawson, Tobias Richter

Number 7, Fall 1999

From the Work of the Pedagogical Section by Jon McAlice, Heinz Zimmermann
Concerning the Coming International Teachers' Conference by Jon McAlice
On Working with the Study of Man by Jon McAlice
The Changing Vocational World and its Effect on Education by Michael Brater, Jon McAlice, Mathias Riepe, Thomas Stöckli
A School Model Combining In-school Learning with Vocational Experience by Thomas Stöckli
Excerpts from Students' Journals by K. Neumann
Quality Development in Waldorf Education by Martin Rawson
Report from the Pedagogical Section in New Zealand by Neil Carter
A Research Forum: A New Initiative for Continuing Education for Waldorf Teachers by M. Michael Zech

Number 6, Winter 1999

Annual Report from the Pedagogical Section, 1998 by Jon McAlice
The Transformation of Self-directed Activity in the First Three Seven-Year Developmental Stages by Martyn Rawson

Number 5, Fall 1998

From the Work of the Pedagogical Section by Jon McAlice
How Can Understanding Karma Help Our Pedagogical Work? by Hartwig Schiller
The Uses of Adversity by Christopher Clouder

Number 4, Winter, 1998

Work of the Pedagogical Section: Annual Report, 1997
How Can the Anthroposophical Path Towards an Understanding of the Human Being Fructify Our Work? by Heinz Zimmermann
Report from the Core Group by Magda Maier
Thoughts on Teaching Eurythmy in the Upper School by Sylvia Bardt

Number 3, Spring 1997

Consolidating the Work of the Pedagogical Section by Jon McAlice
What Conditions Are There for Taking Responsibility in an Independent Life of Culture? (Part 2) by Heinz Zimmermann
The Concept of Karma by Stefan Leber
Towards the Deepening of Waldorf Education by Jon McAlice

Number 2, Fall 1996

Report from the work of the Pedagogical Section 1995 by Heinz Zimmermann, Wiltrud Schmidt, Jon McAlice
International Teachers' Conference, 1996 by Jon McAlice
Questions About the Curriculum at the International Teachers' Conference by Georg Kniebe
What Conditions Are There for Taking Responsibility in an Independent Life of Culture? (Part 1) by Heinz Zimmermann
From the International Association for Waldorf Education in Eastern Europe by Jon McAlice

Number 1, Winter 1995/1996

Finding the Sources of Rejuvenation in Teaching by Heinz Zimmermann
Work Within the Pedagogical Section on Questions of Collegial Working by Peter Loebell
How Can We Enliven Our Work with the Study of Man? by Jon McAlice
The "Yellow" Curriculum by Jon McAlice
Cultural and Geographic Differentiation of the Waldorf Curriculum by Jon McAlice
The Hague Circle: A Short History by Stefan Leber
The International Association for Waldorf Education in Eastern Europe by Günter Altehage/Jon McAlice
The Idea of Reincarnation and Karma as Life Practice by Hans Georg Krauch
Number 0, Winter 1995
To the Waldorf/Rudolf Steiner Schools throughout the world by Heinz Zimmermann
What is the Pedagogical Section by Heinz Zimmermann
Report from the work of the Pedagogical Section in 1994 by Heinz Zimmermann
Weekend seminar for younger colleagues by Jon McAlice
The curriculum of the Waldorf schools by Jon McAlice

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