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Pacifica Journal

Pacifica Journal is published biannually by the Anthroposophical Society in Hawai‘i.

Articles in issues from 2004 to the present are now available.

Pacifica Journal

Published bi annually by the Anthroposophical Society in Hawaii
2514 Alaula Way
Honolulu, HI 96822 USA


#25, 2004

Pacifica Journal

Breathing Light: A Yoga for the Senses; Spiritual Geography; Balancing Body Chemistry; Developments in China; Nature Murals for Waldorf inspired Childcare Centre; Tashi Waldorf School; Today's Child Tomorrow'sWorld; World Social Forum, News and Contacts.

#26, 2004

Pacifica Journal
The Asia Pacific Anthroposophical Conference; The Waldorf Seminar in India; Waldorf Initiatives in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal; Anthroposophy and Religious Life; Waldorf Initiatives in Thailand.

#27, 2005

Pacifica Journal
First Asian Waldorf Teachers' Conference; Fundamentalism and Relativism: Two Boundaries of Spiritual Science; Waldorf Education in China; Teacher Training Course in Bangkok; Report from India: A New Training; A Visual Course for Teachers in the Himalayas.

#28, 2005

Pacifica Journal
Asian Teacher Training; Response-Ability; Dissolving the Cartesian Epoch; Waldorf Education in China: Children of Nepal and the Tashi Waldorf School Newsletter

#29, 2006

Pacifica Journal
The Being of the Internet; Japan, A New Dawning: Waldorf Education at Schools for the Deaf in Thailand; A Free Rendering of the Foundation Stone of the Anthroposophical Society; The Child Study, A Waldorf Conference in Hawaii, and more.

#30, 2006

Pacifica Journal
The Aesthetic Logic of the Heart: Forming Heart Thinking; Art as an Antidote for Teacher Fatigue; Learning More About Genetic Engineering, Science and Life; Stars and Stones Conference: A Glimpse of the Kindergarten in Aotearoa, NZ; Tashi Waldorf School.

#31, 2007

Pacifica Journal
Articles among others include: The Imperialism of the Empty Word; Dawning of Free Communities for Collective Intelligence; Tashi Waldorf School, Nepal; Waldorf Education Course in China; Roshni Community Project, Pakistan; Interview with Yuko Omura.

#32, 2007

Pacifica Journal
Climate Change and Human Spirit, Conferences in Asia; Malaysia Report; China Report; Green Dream; Tinh Truc Gia: The Peaceful Bamboo Family; Steiner School, Fujino, Japan; Curative Education in India; Medical Section in Asia Pacific.

# 33, 2008

Pacifica Journal
China: A Phoenix from the Ashes; The Chendu Waldorf School; Digging to China: The Chengdu Waldorf Teacher Training Program; The Birth of Biodynamics in China: Nourishing "Tian Zhen" (Innocence and Purity); Travel Journal of an American Waldorf Teacher on Sabbatical; Helping Water Support Life with Nature Intelligence Flow Form Technology; On the Foundation Stone Meditation; Binary Being, a Symposium on Staying Human in the Computer Age; The Importance of Community Spirit; The Economics and Threefolding Workshop; A Waldorf Curriculum for Deaf Children in Bangkok, Thailand; Art Therapy Project for Juvenile Delinquents in Thailand; Creating Culture, Freeing Minds: Waldorf-Rudolf Steiner Education in Dhaka, Bangladesh; Working in Early Childhood in Asia; Children in Nepal; Shanghai Waldorf Children's Garden: The Dream of Six Mothers; Yokohama Steiner School, Japan; A Brief History of Waldorf/Steiner Initiatives in the Philippines; Book Reviews and News.

# 34, 2008

Pacifica Journal
An Invitation: Asia Pacific Anthroposophical Conference; Travel Journal of an American Waldorf Teacher on Sabbatical; Shakespeare in Bangkok; The Soul's Journey: Chartres Cathedral and the Waldorf High School Curriculum; A Report on the Khandala Waldorf Education Seminar; Tashi Waldorf School; Along the Silk Road: More than Ancient History; Up-coming Conferences


#35, 2009

Pacifica Journal

Mangoes, Monsoons, and Meeting of Peoples: Asia Pacific Conferences in the Philippines; Anthroposophical Initiatives and Anthroposophically Inspired Activities in the Phillippines; The Waldorf Education Association in Singapore; Waldorf and Anthroposophy in China; Travel Journal of an American Waldorf Teacher on Sabbatical; Report on the 4th Pan-American Anthroposophy Congress; Think OutWord; Drama as a Source for Wellness; Book Review, News and Conferences

#36, 2009

Pacifica Journal
Notes on Three Talks given at the Asia-Pacific Anthroposophical Conference; Report from Taiwan; Live the Question; The Near-Death Experience: Glimpse of a Positive Life After Death; The Peaceful Bamboo Family; The Roshini Project in Pakistan Shahida Perveen Hannesen, Lahore, Pakistan; The Redemptive Art of Drama; The Gifts of Storytelling; Focus: International Initiative Forum; Sergei Prokofieff in Hawaii

#37, 2010

Pacifica Journal

Looking Back: Three Years of Activity in Asia; International Kolisko Conference in Hawaii 2010; Color at the Honolulu Waldorf School; Local and Universal Festivals: What is Appropriate in Asian Waldorf Schools?; Geomancy Around the World; Odin 2009; News

#38, 2010

Pacifica Journal
The Destiny of the I in the Age of the Etheric Christ; The School of Spiritual Science in Asia; Tech Gets a Time-out; Soul Man; Let Children be Children! Waldorf Pedagogy in Hong Kong and Taiwan; 50,000 votes for Nicanor Perlas; Inaugurating the Manila Waldorf School with its Kawayan Waldorf School; A Great Opportunity in South Korea Youth Stage Group of Ruhr Region on Eurythmy Tour; Inspirations: A Waldorf Training in Hyderbad, India; The Khandala Waldorf Seminar; Mysterious Heart: The Chestahedron of Frank Chester; New Life at Emerson!; Did You Know That?

#39, 2011

Pacifica Journal
Asia Pacific Anthroposophical Conference and Asian Waldorf Teachers Conference; The Disservice of 'Rigorous' Education; "Juggernaut:" the Standardized Test; Why Waldorf Works: From a Neuroscience Perspective; Should Commercial Influences have a Place in  Preschool Classrooms?; Schools of the Future Conference; Putting Art in the Heart of Teaching: Visual Arts Workshops for Teachers in the Philippines; The Artbeat Initiative in Singapore; News, Book Review

#40, 2011

Pacifica Journal
In a Time of Greatest Concern for the Healthy Development of Humanity and the Earth; Recent Events in Asia; Regional Conferences; The China Waldorf Forum, Chengdu, 2011; China Training Centers; Are we Ready to be Discovered?; In Memory of John Wilkes, 1930 - 2011; News


#41, 2012

Pacifica Journal
Gamot Cogon School: We have a Dream; Nurturing Our Children and Communities: A Workshop in Mindana, Philippines; Heart Source Center for Anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner Education and Art, Hong Kong Report; Center for the Support of Anthroposophy in Korea; Emergency Pedagogy in Japan; Foundation of the Anthroposophical Society in India; The Rudolf Steiner School of Mumbai; Kashmir: A Meeting of Three Cultures; The 14th Rudolf Steiner Education Seminar; Colour Me Spiritual; The Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten Teacher's Training; A Silicon Valley School That Does not Compute; Five Years of Growth, Transformation and Change; A Picture Tells a Thousand Stories: Mural Paintings at the High School; Nurturing the Nurturers and Picturing Your Child

# 42, Volume 2, 2012

Pacifica Journal
Waldorf Education in Korea; Invitation to the Asian Waldorf Teachers Conference 2013 in Seoul; The 14th Waldorf Education Seminar in Khandala, India 2012; Outback Anthroposophy- An Australian Conference on "Rediscovering the Secret Sacred in Contemporary Professional Life"; Journey to Alice Springs; The Phenomenon of Colour and the Astral Body; The Transformative Power of Art: For artists, teachers, art therapists, and creative people of all kinds; Deranged Angels of Self- Preservation: Second Amendment Fetishism and the Empty Grandiosity of Hollywood's Comic Book Boilerplate; School and Self Esteem, or: Thank You for Making These Socks!; Waldorf Education in Public Schools Educators adopt, and adapt, this rich developmental, arts rich curriculum; Honolulu Waldorf School Graduation Address, June 2012; 12th Grade Graduation Speech, 2012

# 43, Volume 1, 2013

Pacifica Journal
The Asian Teachers Conference in Seoul, 2013; Waldorf High School in China: Enabling Everyone to Develop Morally; Kindergarten Training in the lap of Himalayas; Going Public; Money Dreaming: Everyone is a Banker; Dateline New York, NY: Technology in Teaching; Education is not a Luxury - Access for all; Scientific Inquiry Among Preschool Set; Play, Stress, and the Learning Brain; What Can Slow Schools Teach Us?; If E-Go Today, E-Gone Tomorrow; The Jury's In, Screen Time Hurst Little Kids; Technology Changing How Students Learn, Teachers Say; Top 10 Skills Children Learn from the Arts; My Journey Through Art, So Far; The Transformative Power of Art ll; The Art Initiative - Australia; Architecture, the Mother of All Arts; Groundbreaking for Kona Pacific's Permanent Home.

#44, Volume 2, 2013

Pacifica Journal
A Korean Anthroposophical Conference and The Asian Waldorf Teachers Conference; The Asian Waldorf Teachers Conference 2013: Developing Social Healing out of Anthroposophy; The Founder of the Japanese Association of Steiner Schools; Waldorf- Finding a Home in Nepal; Six Amazing Weeks in Australia; Your Phone vs Your Heart: The Arts: Seeing & Thinking Differently - Perception & Reality; Human Speech in the Dynamic between Cosmic Laws and Earthly Forces; Fundamentalism and Relativism: Two Boundaries of Spiritual Science; New Publications: Earth Matters: Journal for the Renewal of Agriculture, His Beloved St. Ives: A Short Biography of the Life of Gerard Wagner, Drawing with the Hand, Head and Heart: A Natural Approach.

#45, Volume 1, 2014

Pacifica Journal
Waldorf Education in India; The Educator as Artist: Thoughts on a Conference in India;  Peter Glasby: From Shillong, India to Adelaide, Australia; Thoughts on Death and Crossing the Threshold; Early Childhood Teacher Training at Tashi Waldorf School; Waldorf in Singapore; The First China Waldorf Early Childhood Educators Conference; Resurgence in China; Spiritual Geography: Rethinking the Face of the Globe; Waldorf Graduate wind Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine; The Science Behind the Nobel Prize of Stanford's Thomas Sudhof; News.

#46, Volume 2, Fall 2014

Pacifica Journal
A Work (Always) in Progress: China Waldorf Anniversary; Report from China: International Forum - Dornach, Switzerland - 2014; Providing the Foundation for the Study of Anthroposophy: Chinese translation of Rudolf Steiner's Work; Class Consciousness: China's new Bourgeoisie Discovers Alternative Education; A View of the Future of the Anthroposophical Society and the Goetheanum; Making Everything our Business: The Social Legacy of Rudolf Steiner; A Report on the Collaboration between the Steiner Schools/Communities in Australia and India; Eight Transformative Days in Nepal; The Dawning of Bio-Dynamic Farming in Thailand; The Development of Anthroposophy in ASIA; Waldorf Education: Discovering Myself and Going Forth in Freedom; Imagination and Childhood; 10 Reasons why Handheld Devices Should be Banned for Children Under the Age of 12; Tilda Swinton Supportive of Private Steiner Schools; The Working of the Spirit Project; A View from the Ceiling; Insights into the Field of Light and Darkness Shaded Drawing, inspired by a seminal book by Gertraud Goodwin.


# 47, Volume 1, 2015

Pacifica Journal

The Earth as Artist; "Building a Conscious Bridge to the Future for Asia- 2015" - The 6th Asian Waldorf Teacher Conference; The Art of Emphatic Individuality; 'Si Yolanda! Si Yolanda': First Aid for the Soul; Gamot Cogon School, Parzival and Haiyan; The Seventeenth Waldorf Education Seminar at D.C. school in Khandala, Maharashta, India, 2015; Meitreya Pathshala; Eurasia Christmas News, Vietnam 2014; Waldorf Welcome Here - China; Spirit of the Word; Holy Seat! This Chair was Made for the Pope's Tacloban Visit; School Staring Age: The Evidence; Arts Education Matters: We Know, We Measured it; A Message about Waldorf on the Reservation; Why Steve Jobs Didn't let his Kids Use I Pads; Paul Margulies: The Man who Wrote "Plot Plop, Fizz Fizz"; Anthroposophy in Hawaii; Waldorf Resources.

#50, 20th Anniversary Issue, 2016
Pacifica Journal

Twenty years and fifty issue of the Pacifica Journal; At the Taproot of Terrorism; Paris: Shifting the Heart of the Collective; China Waldorf Forum: Coordinator's Report; Chinese Thought; Asian Waldorf Teachers Conference 2017, Chengdu, China; Creating a River of Healthy Movement in China's Most Ancient Region; Emerson Education in China; Experiential Education in the Waldorf High School Curriculum; Support for Nepal; Architecture Steiner; Teacher Trina's Message the the First Graduating 12th Grade Class; 2016 Honolulu Waldorf High School Graduation Address; A Sense of Place within the Waldorf Curriculum; Reflection on "A Sense of Place within the Waldorf Curriculum"; The Spiritual Service of art; Meaning and Purpose of Art in Human Life; Speculative Freemasonry: Parallels with Anthroposophy?; The Secret to Saving American Education; University of Texas Architecture Students; Why did Waldorf Middle School Students Beat Hopkins Engineers at their Own Game?.

#51, Volume# 1, January 2017
Pacifica Journal

On the Making of Trump:The Blind Spot That Created Him; Claus-Otto Scharmer Receives the Leonardo Award; Cultural Identity and Individuation in Educational Practice; Asian Waldorf Teachers Conference; Waldorf Early Childhood Education in the China; Waldorf Education in China; Support the Waldorf Movement in Rural China; The Mignon Program, China 2016; My First Experience in the Mignon Program, China; Artistic Mysteries of Ancient China; Transformation is the Human Path; The Best Way of Making Feeling Visible:21 Years of San Francisco Youth Eurythmy Troupe; Architecture Steiner; The Opening of Kathmandu Waldorf Kindergarten in Nepal; Waldorf: An Education of its Time? Three Audits of Place, Time and Community (Part 2); A Manifesto for Social Art - Intended as a Culture Shock; An Intersection Of Science and Art in an Image; Science Is Not Enough; Education for Independent Thought; Screens In Schools are a $60 Billion Hoax; The "Art" of Becoming a Teacher: What does it take to become a teacher?; 'It's the thing I'm most proud of!' Tilda Swinton starting her own alternative school; Successful Anniversary Conference for ELIANT in Brussels; Graduate Certificate in Steiner Education within the Master of Education.

# 54, Volume 2, 2018
Pacifica Journal

Gross National Happiness: An Alternative Paradigm for Community WellbeingHimalaya Happy Mandala Education
China Waldorf Forum 2nd Leadership Conference Report
December 29 2017 - January 2018
Artkitektura Festival: Bringing Back Wholeness in Philippine Cities
Reading a Michael Letter in a bamboo cathedral – stirring horn manure in the Goetheanum
Knowing your self through others: empathy
Learning to Walk My Talk - Reflections on YIP
How has Youth International Program changed my life/ relationship to the world?
Re-Membering Anthroposophy: Reflections on Membership and the
Renewal of the Anthroposophical Society
A False Alarm in the Era of Fake News
The Future of Education, Healing Arts and Healthcare: 2018 Hawai'i Kolisko Conference
A Tribute to Peter Proctor

#56, Volume 2, 2019
Pacifica Journal

Waldorf 100 Thailand
Asia Chinese Speaking Waldorf Teachers Conference 2019
China Report: January 2019
International Waldorf 100 Curriculum Project: Some guidelines for choosing story material
Cultivating Artistic Practice - Anthroposophy's Heartbeat The Mystery of Origins
The Dancing Species: How Moving Together in Time Helps Make Us Human
Why Doctors Think Art Can Help Cure You
The Diminishing Role of Art in Children's Lives
Stanford University Reviews Waldorf Education
Lightforms: Art+Spirit
River Ridge East Birth Center- A Place to be Born
1919-2019 A Second Chance for the World - Seeing Beyond the Falsehoods of Modern History Through the Lens of Associative Economics
Eurythmy Alive in Asia Spring 2019
Eurythmy India
An Island of Music- A Recollection of Josef Gunzinger
Dear Supporters of Rudolf Steiner's ideas
Dear Friends of ELIANT

#59, Volume 2, 2020
Pacifica Journal

The Hidden Sun
Facing Evil, Standing Tall (an Excerpt)
The Corona Virus and Our Human, Health Giving Forces
What are Epidemics?
The Art of Atmosphere, Part !
Creating and Supporting Salutogenesis
Anthroposophy Online
Many Tasks to Work On
Helping Children :earn at Home: Recent Expreiences from China
Teaching Off-Line: Connecting differetly in the time of Corona
Biodynamics in Indonesia Blossoming in Bali
Biodynamic Agriculture in Indonesia Then and Now
The Value of Hands On Art in Waldorf Schools

#60, Volume 1, 2021
Pacifica Journal

A Pandemic of Blame
Rudolf Steiner, The Presence of the Dead on the Spiritual Path: Awakening Spiritual Thoughts
Rudolf Steiner's Prophecies About the Anthroposophic Movement: Culmination, Grave and Golden Age
The Spiritual Power of Naming
Journey with Steiner-Waldorf Education in Vietnam
Waldorf Education and Social Justice
The Lakota Waldorf School
The Art of Atmosphere, Part Two
Awakening the Heart in Agriculture
The Dawn of Waldorf Education in Indonesia
Lightforms Art Center

#61, Volume 2, 2021
Pacificia Journal

The Third: Duality is a Concept that Overlooks the Unity of the Third as well as the Simultaneous Uniqueness and Universality of Humanity as One
Anthroposophical Society in America: Statement on Diversity
Anthroposophy and Racism ( part four of five)
Creating Conscious Community Through Ubuntu
British "The Observer" highlights integration of conventional and anthroposophic care of Covid-19 patients in German hospitals
For a necessary rethinking of Corona politics and a greater understanding of the diversity of opinions in crises
Some Comments on The Contagion Myth
Knowledge, Truth, Freedom and Goodness
Our China Adventure that turned into the Transformative Art & Architecture Course
On Touch, Seeking Fraternity
Shanti Sewa Griha: Future Perspectives in Kathmandu, Nepal
Farming without pesticides is possible: The contribution of biodynamic farming
to the earth's health

#62, Volume 1, 2022
Pacifica Journal

The Healing Power of Anthroposophical Spiritual Science in our Time
Insight into Festivals as a Path of Healing, The Course and its Artistic Approaches in Taiwan
Anthroposophy as a Path of Healing - and the Cultivation of a Learning Community Locally
Grwoth at Sham-Mei Jhen Waldorf Education
The Making of Abiding Heart Education: Beyond Comtemplative Education
Eurythmy Classes in Nepal
Between Form and Freedom: The 1st Asian Waldorf Upper School Teachers Conference
The Challenge of our Times: Strengthening the Will and the Role of Asia in World Evolution
On the Educational Value of Science and Math Lessons
The Twelve Senses as Dorrways to Ego Development and Conscience
Reading the World Script: A Threefold Research Process
The 4 Ethers and Univeral Beauty
Scaling Back "Style and Spirit" in the Time of Corona
Fighting for Food and Seed Sovereignty in Hawaii

#63, July 2022
Pacificia Journal

Education for a Livable Future by Nana Göbel
Kyrgyzstan: Traffic Chaos and the View of the Mountains
Engines and Boat Lessons by P. Jayesh Narasimhulu
Teaching Parzival in India by John Chalmers
Articles from Das Goethanum
What Task does Civil Society Have in Times of Crisis and War? by Michaela Glöckler and Friedrich Glasl
Creating Our Future Now by Benjamin Cherry
Between and Beyond by Douglas Gerwin
Sunrise to Sunset: Exploring Rudolf Steiner’s Nine Nature Mood Sketches after One Hundred Years by Van James
Being the Smoke: One Man's Choice to be Cremated Under the Open Sky by Ruth Graham (New Yoor Times)
The History of Waldorf Education Worldwide by Nana Göbel
A Life with Color by Caroline Chanter

# 64, January 2023
Pacifica Journal

The Art of Awakening Individuality: Part 1 by Michael Howard, USA
What is Phenomenology? And why do we need to know? by Fiona Campbell, Australia
Exodus and Impetus Douglas Gerwin, USA
The Development of Steiner/Waldorf Education: Looking Through the Lens of Time by Neil Boland and Dirk Rohde
Abiding Heart Education: A Fusion of Waldorf Pedagogy with Buddhist Wisdom by Dr. Meyrav Mor, Kathmandu, Nepal
My Time at Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Teacher Training, A Journey into the Realms of Childhood Imagination, and Wholeness by Alexander Paz
Singapore Food and Land Individuality, The Big Picture by Walter Siegfied Hahn
KRUS for Peace by Arizza Nocum
Will Has Been My Twin by Kate Estember
Biodynamics in India – and a Greater Human Destiny by Sundeep Kamath
Strong Kick-Off by Franka Henn
China Loosens Up by Louis Defeche
Speaking with the Stars by Jonathan Hilton

# 65. June 2023
Pacifica Journal

Taiwan: An Island on the Edge by Benjamin Cherry, Yilan, Taiwan
Introduction to the Development of mBiography Work in Taiwan by Meiqi Hsu, Mingdao, Taiwan
Island Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farm Development:-,Current Status,Zhenqin Huang and Chen Hsuen Sun (Gloria Sun), Yilan,Taiwan
Healing the Earth by Hand:- Making Biodynamic Preparationsm at Sofia Farm by Chen Hsuan Sun (Gloria Sun) from Taiwan
Miriam: A Gift to Indian Education by Anandhi Akilon, Hyderabad, India
Nurturer'Studio: A Mother and Son Social Experiment by Van James, USA
Bringing Anthroposophy to the Antipodes by Dr. John Paul
The Small and the Sacred by Charles Cross
The Eurasian Rabbit by Rainer Kappmann
Waldorf Worldwide – Where is the Center? by Sven Saar, UK
Taikura Rudolf Steiner School Opens New Whare After Years of Mahi byMitchell Hageman, Hastings, New Zealand
Mumbulla School
Steiner Education Australia Appoints New CEO
Dear friends, we need your help! by Mathis Engel and Diane Tatum, Sydney, Australia
The Art of Awakening Individuality: Part 2 by Michael Howard,  USA
Some Thoughts about the Other World by Peter Pen Wen, Chengdu, China
Memories of Traute Page by Christine Culbert, USA; Nancy Poer, USA
Lazure Painting at Pine Ridge Reservation by Charles Andrade, Basalt, CO, USA













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