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Waldorf Science Newsletter, Vol.18, #28, Autumn 2012

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Books of Interest
The Hidden Geometry  of Flowers: Living Rhythms, Forms and Numbers
Adolescents: Their Relationship to the Night and the Senses in Connection with Their Own Development
Masters of Physics, Imagination and Play
Teen Brains' Growing Pains - Striking Changes are Possible in IQ and Neuroanatomy, Study Finds
The Mind's Eye Revealed: New Technology Uses Brain Scans to See What a Person is Watching
The Perplexing Pattern of the Painted Turtle
Learning Languages
Fifth Grade Projects
A Path into the "Black Box": Making a 4-Bit Adder Using Electromagnetic Relay Switches in Class 10
Alternative Approach to Making a Four-bit Binary Adder
Information Technology Curriculum at Mt. Barker Waldorf School