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Home Away From Home: LifeWays Care of Children and Families

Title:      Home Away From Home: LifeWays Care of Children and Families
Categories:      Birth to PreSchool
BookID:      562
Authors:      Cynthia Aldinger and Mary O'Connell
ISBN-10(13):      1452856281
Publisher:      LifeWays North America
Publication date:      2010
Number of pages:      238
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

A ground-breaking, yet refreshingly simple and wholesome approach to Steiner-based child care, written by two experts in the field. The LifeWays approach focuses on warm, loving relationships between children and the adults who care for them...something so essential but sorely at risk in modern child care. This book is recommended for anyone who lives and works with young children, especially childcare providers or those considering opening their own childcare business.

“Taking home as the model isn’t rocket science – but, unfortunately, it isn’t what’s happening in conventional childcare today.  Cynthia and Mary have given us a practical, well-articulated description of the LifeWays approach that not only holds the reader’s interest, but can be life-changing for adults and the children they care for and about.” Rahima Baldwin Dancy, early childhood educator and author of You Are Your Child’s First Teacher

Table of Contents
Foreword by Joan Almon
Introduction by Cynthia Aldinger

1: What is LifeWays Child Care? 
2: The Many Faces of LifeWays  
3: Other Facets of LifeWays  
4: Home Away From Home . Rhythms, Routines and the Living Arts  
5: Finding Your Colleagues
6: Protection: The Safety and Health of Children in Relationship-based Care
7: Creating Your Community of Care
8: Regulatory Bodies and Professional Support
9: Business Questions
10: Supporting You in Your Work: LifeWays North America

Available from LifeWays North America Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore

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