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Games Children Play: How Games and Sport Help Children Develop

Title:      Games Children Play: How Games and Sport Help Children Develop
Categories:      General Education
BookID:      96
Authors:      Kim Brooking-Payne
ISBN-10(13):      978-1-869890-78-0
Publisher:      Hawthorn Press (UK)
Publication date:      1997
Number of pages:      224
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

Games Children Play offers an accessible guide to games with children of age 3 upwards. This is a classic games book, which is a stand by for parents and teachers. The games are all tried and tested, and are used for teacher training. The book explores children's personal development and how this is expressed in movement, play, songs and games.

Each game is clearly and simply described, with diagrams and drawings for how to play. Uniquely, each game is accompanied by an explanation of why this game is helpful at a particular age.

  • The equipment that is needed for some of the games is basic, cheap and easily available. There are sections on:
  • Why play games with children, and age appropriateness is important
  • Hints and tips for teaching games
  • Bullying
  • Rules and breaking the rules
  • Secrets of the Magic Garden: Games for the 3-7 year old
  • Exploring the House : Games for the 7-12 year old
  • Beyond the Doorway : a movement program for teenagers
  • 234 games

Available from Steiner Books, Hawthorn Press (UK), Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore

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