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Transitions in Childhood from Birth to 14 Years eBook

Title:      Transitions in Childhood from Birth to 14 Years eBook
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BookID:      983
Authors:      Susan Howard, Editor
ISBN-10(13):      978-1-936849-52-9
Publisher:      WECAN Books
Publication date:      2019
Number of pages:      65
Language:      Not specified
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Significance, Challenges and Consequences –The Tasks for Educators and Teachers

From May 30 to April 3, 2015, 550 people from 46 countries came together at the Goetheanum to work on the theme, "Transitions in Childhood from Birth to
Age 14." The conference was prepared and carried out by the Pedagogical Section at the Goetheanum and IASWECE (the International Association for Steiner/ Waldorf Early Childhood Education). A main intention was to bring together a variety of professionals from different areas to work together on current educational questions and thus deepen their understanding of child and human development.

Claus-Peter Röh summarized the mood at the end of the conference as follows:

"During this conference we have tried, with great intensity and candor, to create a community of awareness around various areas of education. The desire to always keep the idea of “a whole” in mind while discerning the individual was clearly apparent as well as the attempt to see the holistic aspect of events in time in connection with tangible developments. Now we stand before the challenge of further developing our collective work and newly gained insights into the future."

The lectures given at the conference are included here in this publication. We hope that these texts can serve as a basis for further study activity and can contribute to a greater collaborative activity in the Waldorf kindergarten and school movement.

Originally published by the Pedagogocal Section at the Goetheanum and IASWECE

In print edition available from WECAN Books

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