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Empowerment in Organizations - The Theory and Practice of a Mandate System

Title:      Empowerment in Organizations - The Theory and Practice of a Mandate System
Categories:      Administration and Finance
BookID:      352
Authors:      Cornelis Pieterse
ISBN-10(13):      0945803877
Publisher:      Rudolf Steiner College Press
Publication date:      2006
Number of pages:      145
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

Constructive suggestions for the tricky business of working with colleagues.

Empowerment in Organizations is a seminal work about organizational transformation and redefined leadership roles. Veteran facilitator Cornelis Pieterse provided an insightful description of developmental phases in organizations, as well as a clear road map to alternative management practices. It is an articulate academic proposal, supported by the author's many years of experience in practice as well as theory. His lively writing style simplifies the subject of governance in nonprofit organization by breaking it down into digestible components, facilitating an easy read.
—Kerry Drohan, Metropolitan Editor, The Boston Globe

Cornelis Pieterse's clear descriptions of the mandate process can serve organizations suffering from becoming stuck in a particular phase. If I had read this book twenty-five years ago, how much more productive and satisfied I would have been in my organizational experiences. This is a highly readable and helpful guide that can be especially useful in schools and other organizations. Strongly recommended.
—Betty Staley, Waldorf High School Teacher Training Director, Rudolf Steiner College

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