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Study of Man

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Published in Child and Man, Vol. 1, #2, January 1948 (England)

RUDOLF STEINER'S lectures to the teachers of the Waldorf School at its foundation have just been published in English under the above title. They deal with man as a threefold being of body, soul and spirit, and the being of man is considered in turn from these three aspects. The lectures begin with a survey of man from the aspect of the soul, and I think that Dr. Steiner chose this entry both because childhood is essentially an experience of the soul, and because the soul, standing between the other two and drawing its experiences partly from the body and partly from the spirit, is the best gateway to an understanding of the Trinity in human nature.

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References, Rudolf Steiner's Indications on Teaching Science

by Rudolf Steiner, References and Indications on Teaching Science

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Education and Healing

This article was published in Education as an Art, Vol. 4, No.3 – 1943-44
From the archives of the Rudolf Steiner Library, Ghent, NY
A short excerpt from a lecture by Rudolf Steiner

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In the autumn of 1923, Rudolf Steiner gave a lecture at the Waldorf School concerning the forces which lead to health and to illness in education. He raised the question: What forces do we really use in pedagogical work? and continued as follows:

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Interpretation of Fairy Tales

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A lecture given by Rudolf Steiner in Berlin, December, 1908

The subject of today’s lecture is a kind of principle or rule for the explanation of fairy tales and legends. In a wider sense this principle can be extended to the world of myths, and we propose in a few words to indicate how this can be done. Naturally it is impossible in one hour to specify exactly how one should satisfy a young child with the fairy story itself and then later, when the child is older, with the explanation of it; but perhaps this may be done as a continuation of today’s lecture. I would now rather try to make clear to you what should exist in the soul of one who wishes to explain such stories, and what he ought to know.

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