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Human Values in Education - eBook

Title:      Human Values in Education - eBook
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Authors:      Rudolf Steiner
ISBN-10(13):      9780880105446
Publisher:      Steiner Books
Publication date:      1-1-2005
Number of pages:      224
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Foundation of Waldorf Education series, vol. 20

10 Lectures, Arnheim, Holland 1924 (CW 310),

The underlying thesis of these lectures, volume 20 in the “Foundations of Waldorf Education” series, is that true education must be based on knowledge of the whole human being and that such knowledge cannot be attained without love. On this basis, Steiner presents his understanding of every aspect of child development—bodily, psychological, and spiritual. At the same time, he shows that, to prove worthy of their calling, teachers must begin a process of inner development. In Steiner’s view, it is human beings who give value and meaning to the world. Modern education, however, is gradually undermining this meaning. These lectures demonstrate that education can heal that lack of meaning and restore the meaning of humankind for the world.

Steiner also discusses the practical, day-to-day operation of the school. He talks about styles of teaching, teacher conferences, parent-teacher meetings, and how Waldorf education is related to the anthroposophic movement.

This book, while serving as a good introduction to Steiner’s ideas on education, also represents the fruits of four years experience in the Waldorf school.

Introduction by Christopher Bamford

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Keywords: Waldorf teaching, teacher training, adult education

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