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A Phenomena Based Physics: Volume 1 - eBook

Title:      A Phenomena Based Physics: Volume 1 - eBook
Categories:      eBooks, Middle School, Sixth, Science, Physics, General Waldorf Curriculum
BookID:      33
Authors:      Manfred von Mackensen
ISBN-10(13):      978 1 943582 21 1
Publisher:      Waldorf Publications
Publication date:      8-1-1994
Edition:      revised 2017
Number of pages:      66
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover
Ebook:      Download ebook1.pdf

Volume 1 of 3 for Grade 6   New Edition!!

First in a series of three volumes on physics for middle school science teachers, this book for Grade 6 deals with the basic pedagogical and epistemological principles of acoustics, optics, heat, electricity, and magnetism. Von Mackensen is very careful in his methodology. As is appropriate for students of this age, he seeks to give them a broad and diverse experience of the phenomena. Developing an interest in and familiarity with the phenomena is the primary concern. Only gradually, after rich experience has been gathered, do theoretical considerations come into play.

These books were written for class teachers in Waldorf schools. At the same time, however, they can serve as an introduction to a phenomena-centered study of physics for anyone interested in pursuing this approach. Each of the three volumes begins with the same basic general introduction to the teaching methodology. Then the various fields of physics appropriate to the age group are introduced. A discussion of the main topics in the particular field is followed by detailed descriptions of a series of simple experiments.

Volume 2 for Grade 7 includes further studies in the areas presented this first book and adds a section on mechanics. Volume 3 for Grade 8 continues the explorations in sound, light, and heat plus hydraulics, hydrostatics, and aeromechanics.

All three volumes are newly edited and reformatted in a handy workbook size for ease of teacher reference in preparing main lesson presentations and experiments. Illustrated.

Available from the publisher, Waldorf Publications and the following vendors: Waldorf Books


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